People management in a harsh financial climate - sample

The current financial climate means training budgets are under severe pressure so anything that can help us deliver more management training for less money has got to be worth a look. Management Learning sets and mentoring seem to be the way forward. What is needed is learning material that managers see as dealing with the issues they face on day to day bases. Issues like: managing budget cuts and service reductions, getting staff to work in new ways, persuading staff they are valued whilst asking them to do more and be paid less, tackling absenteeism, challenging cynicism, maintaining a commitment to the customer, supporting the corporate positioning and through it all retaining your integrity.

The topics are very real and the material encourages managers to explore the tensions and contradictions through discussion and shared experience. We have used this material to help managers at all levels, from a wide range of back grounds and vastly different levels of experience, to explore what it is to be a manager and a leader in their organisation.

It’s all explained in this PDF. If you think the material here will offer something extra to your management development programme, these three concise and questioning reflections - and a further thirty-five - can be found in the manual due to be published 24 March 2010.:

People management in a harsh financial climate
Developing your managers on a tight budget


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Blair McPherson.

Director of Community Services, Lancashire County Council