Published Articles - Equality and Diversity

Publication Article Date
HR Director Borg don’t do diversity 15-February-2022
HR Director When the board is the problem7-February-2022
HR Director What really lies behind the data 14-January-2022
HR Director Getting HR to investigate is the easy part16-December-2021
HR Director When does banter become bullying?24-November-2021
HRD Magazine Disruptive HarmonyNovember 2021
HR Director Critical Race Theory 9-November-2021
HR Director Finding the road to a more inclusive culture 25-August-2021
HR Director Lowballing is so counter productive 7-Augus-2021t
HR Director Think assimilation think Star Trek and the Borg5-August-2021
HR Director A psychologically safe place to work 3-July-2021
HR Director How to drive up recruitment skills7- June-2021
HR Director Fun is great but not when somebody is hurt or humiliated2-June-2021
HR Director Knowing when a joke hurts11-May-2021
HR Director Unconscious bias; The baby and the bath water 4-May-2021
HD Director HR as employee champions6-April-2021
HR Director What can we learn from IKEA France4-April-2021
HD Director Numbers Ninja needed2-March-2021
HR Director To defeat discrimination we have to be superheroes 7-February-2021
HR Director For 2021 be a champion for equality and diversity5-January-2021
HR Director Keep the Faith4-January-2021
HR Director Trial by Sherry-the perils of the corporate social event2-January-2021
HR Director Sit vac... only the best need apply 6-October-2020
HR Director Culture eats Strategy for breakfast 17-July-2020
MJ We have been here before on cohesion and diversity 16-July-2020
HR Can prejudice ever be eradicated?12-June-2020
MJTake a chance on me -the recruitment lottery10-January-2020
LGCThe recruitment process reveals much about a council 26-July-19
HR DirectorHow to make people feel included 8-May-19
MJSocial work is a special case14-September-18
The HR director Diversity- great expectation 5-July-18
The HR director How should HR handle suspected racism11-Feb-18
The HR director Popular culture is ahead of office culture28-Dec-17
MJTaking control of your interview 5-Dec-17
The HR director The Perils of Porn 16-Nov-17
The HR director When racism is subtle and devious 7-Nov-17
Community careWhat I leant from recruiting social workers 19-April-17
MJTime to wise up to reality 30 June-16
MJA step backwards to go forwards 10-February-16
Community CareWe don't need turnaround kings7-January-16
health Service BlogAlright duck21-September-15
Community CareLack of services and support for individuals with early onset dementia23-February-15
Community CareWhen does family overprotectivness tip into psychological abuse10- February-15
Community CareGlass slipper recruitment24-October-14
Community CareThe most common characteristic of people who die in fires22-September-14
Knowledge HubWhat happend to Community Cohesion24-July-14
Health Service Journal BlogIs your mental health policy bad for business7-July-14
Health Service Journal BlogWho would admit to being a raceist11-June-14
Health Service Journal BlogSome pionters for NHS equality and diversity council2-June-14
Knowledge HubPositive discrimination -will it mean incompetant people are appionted 22-May-14
Knowledge HubPushed off the glass cliff19-May-14
Health Service Journal BlogA change is as good as an arrest30-May-14
Health Service Journal BlogStirring up the multicultural melting pot 13-May-14
Health Service Journal BlogYes- to all black short lists for senior posts6-May-14
Health Service Journal BlogYou need more than a change in the law to improve care17-April-14
Health Service Journal BlogThe politics of language14-April-14
Community CareAll to often dementia in old age leads to proffessions disreguarding human rights28-April-14
Health Service Journal BlogFlorida The future of old peoples care24-March-14
Community CareFaceing the challange about being open as a carer10-March-14
Health Service Journal BlogUpdate the unwritten rules of workplace behaviour19-February-14
Health Service Journal BlogThe blured lines around who you can appiont 7-February-14
Community CareWhy social workers should care about growth in harmfull drinking amongst older people 24-February-14
Health Service Journal BlogLonger life expectancy may be too much of a good thing3-Jan-14
mjSelfish ,shortsighted and old 27-December-13
Health Service Journal BlogThe drive for equality and diversity in the NHS6-December-13
Health Service Journal BlogHunts care plane puts burden on family before state21-October-13
Health Service Journal BlogNo one can provide quality care in 15 minutes15-October-13
Health Service Journal BlogOnly in America27-August-13
Health Service Journal BlogTackling inequality the forgotten priority25-July-13
Health Service JournalWe\'re missing the signs of alcohol abuse among older people9-JULY-13
Public Servant You look like trouble23-July-13
Public ServantWe need positive policing not positive decrimination15-JULY-13
Community CareFloor to ceiling porn31-May-13
Public Servant Redundant manager seeks rewarding post 17-June-13
Health Service Journal BlogCould the Rooney Rule work in the public sector22-April-13
Public ServantWe must commission for equality because we are not all the same25-April-13
Public ServantThe Devil is in the detail the complexity of commissioning for outcomes25-April-13
Public ServantCouncil\'s bin survey ask\'s \"Are you gay?\" 24- March-13
Public ServantEquality in the Public sector-a gigantic backward step?4-February-13
Health Service JournalA new look for health service leaders2-January-13
Public ServantAre you in a power league of part timers28-January-13
Public ServantWhy the public sector should aviod head hunters21-January-13
Health Service JournalWhy the public sector shouldn\'t use head hunters28-December-12
Health Service JournalConcern that black staff are more likely to be discipined4-December-12
Public ServantWhistleblowers and genda quotas3-December-12
Health Service JournalStairlift on cell block H12-November-12
Health Service JournalHarassment has not gon away19-October-12
Knowledge HubChampions4-October-12
Health Service JournalEqual oppertunities under the new CCGs2-October-12
Public ServantMale and Pale? may be ministers are to blameSeptember-12
Public ServantEqual Oppertunites? One thing at a time28-August-12
Public ServantEconomies of scale contribute to abuse13-August-12
Public ServantFew racists but a lot of racism16-July-12
Public ServantCare homes for the poor11-June-12
Health Service JournalSent home in the early hours27-April-12
Public ServantWhy do bad things happen in care homes?26-April-12
Public ServantInstitutional Racism-the hidden problem10-April-12
Public ServantWhy is staffing in the public sector still not fair and equal?19-March-12
Health Service Journal BlogIs it alright for a man to wear black eyeliner to work?6-Febuary-12
Public Servant manageing gay men -is it different?31-January-12
Health Service JournalDon\'t presume racism is nolonger a problem10-January-12
Public ServantCan you make a racist remark and not be a racist?22-December-11
Public ServantCommunity care is dead24-November-11
Health Service Journal BlogDancing with the Devil? Exorcism in the NHS2-November-11
Public ServantHelping patients by casting out their demons3-November-11
Health Service Journal BlogIn the drive for equality culture eats strategy for breakfast21-October-11
Community CareDale Farm and why we must learn to engage with Gypsies and Travellers19-September-11
Public ServantRomany gypsies and Irish Travellers nightmare neighbours or persecuted minority8-September-11
Health Service Journal BlogTrying to force Equality11-August-11
Health Service Journal BlogBeyond samosas and reggae7-July-11
Public ServantImproving care the Britans Got Talent way15-June-11
Health Service Journal BlogCollective failures can hinder social care26-May-11
Public ServantHate Crimes26-May-11
Health Service Journal BlogThe culture shift required to achieve equality in the work place22-May-11
Public ServantRace and identity18-May-11
Health Service Journal BlogGraduates need more than a degree from the University of life20-April-11
Health Service Journal BlogLearning the management lingo7-April-11
Community CareThe surgeon who refused to operate4-April-11
Health Service Journal BlogHead hunters, beauty parades and trial by sherry9-March-11
Health Service Journal BlogPoor elderly care is more tham circumstantial4-March-11
Health Service Journal BlogLiving on pizza saved my life28- February-11
Health Service Journal BlogThe blame game won\'t halt elderly care failings23-February-11
Health Service Journal BlogTaking action against work place discrimination18-February-11
Health Service Journal BlogWhy didn\'t I get the job?16-February-11
Health Service Journal BlogYour\'re going home-improving the interview proccess10-February-11
Inside HousingHas equality gon as far as it can?10-February-11
Community CarePensioner crime wave can no longer be ignored14-January-11
Health Service Journal BlogIs the answer to have more black senior managers?2-December-10
Public ServantThe Real Time Bomb November-10
Health Service Journal BlogGypsies and Travellers are the most disadvantaged minority with in our society20-October-10
Public Servant blogFairness...what is that exactly?12-October-10
Health Service Journal BlogSo what\'s wrong with wearing a dress to work?11-October-10
Health Service Journal BlogManagers need more than a short course to lead a divers workforce5-October -10
Public ServantWhat price exclusion?October 2010
MJMen make better managers19-August-10
Public Servant Disability hate crime 22-Mar-10
Public Servant How can managers handle a diverse workforce? 08-Feb-10
Public Servant What can we learn from vampires 03-Feb-10
Inside Housing Teaching Equality 02-Oct-09
Public Servant Daily In Local Authorises a women's place is... 18-Aug-09
Pavilion - Ethnicity and Inequality in Health and Social Care Equipping managers to lead a diverse workforce - Vol 2 Issue 2 Jul-09
Public Servant The world's changed it's no longer Life on Mars Jun-09
Inside housing The difference between the sexes 29-May-09
Care and Health Working With the Faith Sector and Living with Contradictions 07-Aug-07
Community Care Open Forum - Barbie and Action Man - Gender Stereotypes 19-25 April 2007
Inside Housing Taking a Stand Against Inequality 16-Mar-07
Community Care Does Faith Divide Us 25 - 31 January 2007
Human Resource Management International Digest Managing Racism in the Workplace Volume 15, No 4, 2007
Community Care Bring on the Champions 30-Mar-06